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A completely new method

August 26, 2022

Many people discuss ‘manifestation’ in coaching, therapy and spiritual practice. The Merriam-Webster dictionary suggests manifestation is to materialise and have an outward public demonstration of (personal) power and purpose.

The ideas often behind manifestation often come from ‘magic’ and all the way to occult like practices. Though, this blog is nothing of the sort.

Human manifestation of personal power and change can come from within – as therapists discuss and have known world over, through our many years of research.

Jordanna Levin (2022) discusses manifestation in her book ‘Make You Happen’, and she suggests that manifestation comes from thoughts + feelings + actions + faith. This, in essence is not that dissimilar to the method I’ve come up with – though there are distinct differences, as I base my idea of manifestation on the observation of thousands of humans that I’ve supported and helped through therapy and in the community, over the past 20-odd years.

My understanding and findings around manifestation and its link to human endeavour are many.

Rather than consider a ‘lofty’ God, or deity concept in this discussion, this blog has come to be, as a result of my book (2023) and its discussion around manifestation and making goals happen. I discuss in the book, the concepts of the Biz Growth Clover®, the Relationship builder bucket® and the Feeling State Chart.

These trademarked concepts are about manifestion, are illuminated in Rising with Butterfly Courage (McDonald, 2023). Though, a deeper practice of manifestation can be developed even further. So, I have come up with a number of different new methods and they all culminate in the May manifestation method.

The May manifestation method incorporates thoughts, feelings and actions (Putting thoughts, feelings and actions together is a staple idea in psychology – namely, that our thoughts, feelings and actions are intrinsic and intertwined.) in the form of the A (antecedent – prior event, or thoughts) + B (Behaviour) = C (Consequence) method. Levin (2022) also discusses the lofty idea of ‘faith’ – and this could be useful, though I wanted this concept of manifestation to be more practical for you reading this.

Instead, I’ve pondered greatly on what makes someone successful and other people not. Essentially, it comes down to your ‘X’ factor. Some clients will go well through therapy, or coaching, and others won’t. There’s some clients and people, who are born with more resilience, or capacity to have resilience, just in their DNA. Some of that is also linked to inter-generational trauma – which can be carried along the DNA lines within humans.

So, taking the above into account, I’ve called this new method, the May manifestation method.

Therefore, I have come up with the following formula for manifestation:
X + Y + A + B = C + F

In other words, your unique ‘X’ factor, your purpose (Y – Your ‘why’, Sinek, 2009), the prior events (A) (antecedent event/s), your behaviour (B) , results in, or equals the consequence (C) and the future (F) for your life.

If we can therefore control, or manage, a number of these factors, the outcome in your life will be different and you may well be on your way to achieving bigger and braver goals – if you wish to.

For more, or to contact me for an appointment, feel free to contact me on email: if you’d like to discuss more of this new formula, or the ways in which I can work with you. I’m happy to answer any of your questions, if you’d like to change and reach more of your goals.

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