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Adjustments, adaptation, transition & hope

February 28, 2021

Are you struggling to know how to adapt to the changes that have come over the past year?

A multitude of things have happened to humans over the past year, particularly across 2020 – whether that’s changes to business, changes to society, changes to how we do things, and so on.

2021 doesn’t seem to be stopping with changes either.

It’s essential to consider how we work towards the future in our current turbulent times.

It’s also important to come to a counsellor, coach, or professional helper who works with and considers the future and future posts themselves into what may be coming in the future for you. In addition, it’s essential not to just focus on mental health right now – as there are many complications happening in life right now beyond ‘just mental health’ concerns.

I am here, along with my team, to support you throughout this uncertain period.

Renee McDonald professional services are here to help people in turbulent times. I have personally trained in existential psychotherapy – which is all about how we are existing as people and society. In addition, further studies have been completed by me in the ‘contextualised’ self (which is all about the lives we lead in the circumstances in which we live in).

Renee now has a team around her at the AOTT Healing Centre in Wollongong. We now provide; counselling, psychotherapy, coaching, healing services, workshops, training, education and associated services.

If you are wanting something different from counselling, that you haven’t found with other counselling, psychology, social work, or healing services, then Renee and her associates are here to help support you in these seriously changing times of transition, adjustment and adaptation.

In addition, if you are looking for spiritual guidance, support and healing, we are supporting people with that too.

So, let us help you to hold on to hope, to support you with transitions, adjustment and any adaptations you need to make through our supportive, healing counselling, coaching and therapeutic services.

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