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What is business coaching?

In today’s hectic business environment, it’s hardly a surprise that many people don’t understand exactly what business coaching is.

Put simply, through expert coaching and mentoring, business coaching takes your business from where it is now to where you want it to be.

As an experienced business coach I will help you grow your business, by ensuring your overall vision coincides with your goals.

After clarifying the direction you’d like your business to take, I’ll help you identify and prioritise the strategies necessary to achieve your goals.

Successful business coaching is rooted in accountability.

So, rather than doing your work for you, I’ll keep you focused on the end result and remind you how important it is.

Together, we can empower you to solve your problems and take ownership of your success.

By challenging the way you think and act, you can identify your professional blind spots and move forward a more well rounded, dynamic and success driven business owner.

Located in Wollongong for in-person sessions, with digital sessions available to assist you anywhere in the world, I work with clients both locally and internationally, with additional accreditation to deliver online coaching and counselling.

Business coaching in Australia

With the promise of greater lifestyle flexibility and increased income, more Australians than ever are starting their own businesses.

As the number of small and large businesses expands, so too does the demand for qualified business coaches.

Australian business owners are seeking coaches who can help them manage their career and personal life, communicate more effectively, manage business teams and increase productivity, manage time more effectively and more.

The importance of business coaching

All too often, business owners are so busy working in their business to work on it. This is where an experienced business growth coach can help.

I will help you to identify the barriers which are holding back your financial and customer growth and suggest practical ways to overcome them.

As your business growth coach I provide expert, tailored advice to help you to achieve rapid and sustained growth.

To achieve this growth, I will provide you with expert strategic marketing advice and mentoring.

Through self-discovery and behavioural changes, together we’ll set you up for lasting long-term results.

Why is executive coaching so important?

Executive coaching is highly beneficial for any business leader.

As an executive coach I will guide you through your leadership journey by:

  • – Connecting you with the right people
  • – Offering strategic resources
  • – Providing input in marketing, HR, operations, business development, and the legal and finance departments.

Looking for more personal
and professional growth?


Helps with: Anxiety, bereavement, grief, loss, bullying, mental health, relationships, trauma, stress.

Counselling falls under the umbrella term of ‘talking therapies’.

Counselling gives people the opportunity to talk openly about their challenges and feelings, while being heard and understood. Counselling tends to be short-term and I tend to use solution-focused, existential and person-centred short-term methods. Counselling aims to help you live a more productive life in your own way.

If you are looking to make a positive change in your life, or would like to explore and understand your feelings in more depth, please explore my counselling services further.


Helps with: Mental health, wellness goals, fear and insecurities, stress, relationships, destructive habits, childhood trauma, grief, loss, anxiety and depression.

Psychotherapy is a collection of therapies designed to help you with the thoughts, feelings and behaviours that are affecting you. I am trained in integrative, existential and humanistic psychotherapies. This means I work with you wherever your headspace is.

Psychotherapy is more long-term work and gives you the necessary skills to cope with challenges in a healthy and empowering way.

If you are looking to take control of your life and move forward with confidence and resilience, please explore my psychotherapy services further.

Life Coaching

Helps with: Confidence, career choices, accountability, goal setting, relationships, meaning, purpose, happiness.

Life coaching is a broad term that includes the support and guidance to live the life you crave.

If you feel disheartened, disillusioned, struggling with self-esteem, or any negative perception of your day to day routine, life coaching can assist.

Like a sculptor seeing a statue inside a block of clay, a life coach can challenge, motivate, support and inspire you.

If you are looking to return the spark to your life and power towards clearly defined goals, please explore my life coaching services further.

Business Consulting

Helps with: Changing workloads, business growth, training, upskilling, performance management, financial planning.

Are you satisfied with the current performance of your business? Or the people within your business? Business consulting provides objective support to ensure maximum productivity, efficiency and a confident workforce.

As an experienced business consultant I’m able to identify markets, bring niche expertise, action change, provide objectivity, and develop lasting professional solutions.

My expertise is in the area of assisting you to gain the best effort from your staff in order to achieve your professional goals.

If you are looking to increase business and achieve success, please explore my business consulting services further.

Online Therapist Training

Helps with: Mentoring, digital familiarity, digital therapeutic holding, feedback, communication, disinhibition effect, written communication, audio and video tools.

Are you looking to take your real world therapeutic skills to the online environment?

The continued progression of technology has allowed for traditional therapeutic practice to move to the digital space, with client lives accessible in a dynamic and modern way.

Across email, audio, and video connectivity, the ability to connect with and heal clients wherever they are has never been more available.

Over the past three years, I have been training online therapists with my online therapy training solutions. This has expanded to become Australian Online Therapy Training.

If you are looking to succeed in the online therapy world, please explore my online therapist training services further.

Corporate Training

Helps with: Closing skill gaps, engaged employees, industry changes, technological development, job satisfaction.

A business that stands still is one that falls behind its competition.

With your staff the key to your success or failure as a business owner, it’s vital to ensure they experience regular training.

As an experienced coach, psychotherapist and mentor I can assist you to take your business to the next level.

If you are looking to achieve or retain your competitive edge, please explore my corporate training services further.

What will business and executive coaching do for you?

With the assistance of an executive coach, you will:

  • ✓ See yourself and others more clearly
  • ✓ Learn more constructive ways to respond to criticism
  • ✓ Take full advantage of your strengths and use them to enhance your business
  • ✓ Build more productive relationships with clients, colleagues and everyone in your life, and;
  • ✓ Define your goals and how you will achieve them

Business coaches form a facilitative, one-on-one relationship with the executives of a company.

This mentoring relationship is a powerful way to enhance your ability to add value to the organisation (i.e. improving profits, processes, sales, etc.).

To achieve value from this relationship, you must establish concrete business objectives, tie the coaching directly to these objectives, communicate these objectives clearly, and establish a partnership between the business leader, the coach and the clients.

What motivates entrepreneurs to find a business coach?

Taking the plunge into the business world can be intimidating for entrepreneurs.

With business strategies and techniques rapidly changing, entrepreneurs need expert guidance to ensure their business venture succeeds.

Allow me to help guide you to the professional goals you set for yourself through affordable and actionable business coaching in Wollongong and surrounds, or online to suit your requirements.

What to expect

As an experienced business growth coach, I will provide the coaching and mentoring to improve your business from the inside out.

Whether you need to increase sales and profits, attract more customers, improve individual departments, or even energise your team culture – I am available to facilitate your goals.

Regardless of whether you’ve been in business for decades, or are an enterprising entrepreneur, I can help you to:

  • – Make your life as a business owner less overwhelming. I can take the pressure off by managing your brand and providing you with useful strategies to move forward.
  • – Save time and money by letting a coach work on your business, while you work in it.
  • – Have someone to hold you accountable for following through on your goals and aspirations. And;
  • – To improve your self-confidence.

Why choose me?

I specialise in providing established business owners and entrepreneurs with comprehensive business coaching.

Unlike others, I offer a uniquely customised business coaching program, specifically tailored to your needs.

Focusing on the areas in your company that need improvement – from HR, marketing, and sales, to legal, finance, and more – I’ll give you the tools and techniques to transform your business.

As the business world undergoes rapid change, it can be challenging keeping up with advances in your industry and the latest marketing, management and sales strategies.

With years of practical business experience, I will provide practical insight, to enhance every aspect of your business.

Providing valuable, objective insight, together we’ll develop practical short- and long-term goals and strategies, and improve your business in areas you may have overlooked (such as marketing, promotions, sales, etc.)

What traits to look for when hiring a business coach

An abundance of business coaches currently flood the market.

So, it can be difficult to choose the perfect fit for your business.

To make that choice easier, here are some traits of highly experienced coaches:

  • ✓ Experience in your industry
  • ✓ A positive, proactive attitude
  • ✓ A willingness to learn
  • ✓ They are highly accessible, and always willing to answer your questions
  • ✓ They have long-standing connections with business and industry professionals
  • ✓ They will keep you accountable, to ensure you reach your goals, and;
  • ✓ They love to teach, and are willing to pass on their knowledge and experience

Looking for more ways to improve your business performance?

Business coaching for startups and entrepreneurs

Unlike others, I offer more than a one-size-fits-all approach to business growth coaching.

Whatever stage of business you are at, from entrepreneur, to start-up, to an owner who has been in business for decades, you will benefit greatly from having an experienced business coach in your corner.

Business coaching for startups

While very excited about their new business venture, many start-up business owners have trouble knowing exactly where to start.

This is where a business coach can help. As your business coach I can help startup owners who:

  • – Want to streamline the way they do business.
  • – Have hit a plateau in their business and are struggling to find ways to increase profits, retain customers, etc. And;
  • – Want to completely redevelop their business model to gain a competitive advantage.

I can also provide a fresh perspective on the problem(s) that may be preventing your growth and prosperity.

Communication is key, so I provide a sounding boards to generate unbiased solutions to your problems by helping you get to and solve the root of the issue.

Executive coaching for startups

Are you ready to push your start-up to new heights? If so, an executive coach could be exactly what you need.

Oftentimes, startup business owners can get so caught up in doing things their way, that they forget to ask for outside advice.

Along with providing expert advice, as your executive coach I can:

  • – Help your team excel. An effective coach will work with your leadership team, and enhance your performance.
  • – Facilitate team building. Executive coaches can identify differences in personality and work styles. From there, I’ll make suggestions to help your team stay focused on your goals and objectives.
  • – Develop leadership style. As your coach I will evaluate your leadership style and determine your strengths and weaknesses. I will work with you to bring out your best qualities, and address issues like delegating responsibilities and conflict management.
  • – Develop vision and goals. Executive coaches ensure your business’ vision and goals are aligned and achievable. I can also help you set your own goals for personal and professional development.

Business coaching for entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, it can be difficult to navigate the highs and lows of business. A business coach will provide sound advice and guidance to help you through the bumpy terrain.

As your ally, I will help you through the challenging times, motivate you and keep you focused on your goals.

If you’re an entrepreneur who can relate to any of the following, it’s time to hire a business coach:

  • – You feel burned out.
  • – You want to save valuable time and money.
  • – You need someone to keep you accountable.
  • – You need a boost of self-confidence, or;
  • – You are not getting the results you expected.

As your business coach I have expert skills and knowledge to help you adapt the latest business strategies and techniques to your business. They will also encourage you to take risks and step outside your comfort zone.

Business coaching prices

Business coaching sessions are $280 each.

Coaching packages can also be purchased upon request.

Other prices available upon request.


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Questions to ask before hiring a business coach

How long does business coaching take?

This wholly depends on what you require your business coach to do. Some tasks (i.e. a marketing audit) can be performed in as little as two weeks.

However, if you’re looking for systemic organisational change, the coaching process is longer. For permanent changes to your business and its culture, it can take as long as a year.

What types of business coaching are there?

There are types of business coaching for almost any aspect of your business. These include:

  • – Executive coaching
  • – Skills coaching
  • – Entrepreneurial coaching
  • – Leadership coaching
  • – Team coaching
  • – Systemic coaching
  • – Workplace coaching
  • – Marketing coaching and more.

Where do I work?

Based in New South Wales, I offer face-to-face meetings in Wollongong and Thirroul. I also offer international and online business consulting services online.

How do I book?

Simply click the “Book Now” button to reserve your business coaching session.