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Healing Feeling Fun: A new program for kids!

July 18, 2021

Hey everyone,

As a mum of 3 kids, and someone who’s been involved previously as a professional in the entertainment business, performing and creative arts, I’ve come up with, along with Dr Gary Wohlman, a new creative and therapeutic program for children – designed for kids ages 7-12 titled; the Healing Feeling Fun program for kids.

We will be commencing our 5-week kids’ program together from Friday 13 August, over 5 Fridays, at 4:30-6pm (group sessions are 90 minutes per session).

For more information, or where to buy tickets, click here:

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Healing Feeling Fun Kids Program

So, who is Dr Gary Wohlman?

My colleague that I’ll be working with on this Healing Feeling Fun Program for kids is; Dr Gary Wohlman.

For a little further information, Gary has devoted his lifetime as an archaeologist of the soul ~ liberating stored layers of energy, communication and expression buried within the physical, emotional and creative layers in the landscapes of our bodies.

One of his heroes is Michelangelo, who, along with being a master sculptor of marble, was also quite a good sculptor of words. His famous saying “I saw the angel in the marble, and I chiselled until I set it free” has inspired our facilitator with his life-long passionate purpose of freeing held energies in the body, mind and spirit simultaneously to awaken full self-expression. “Energies once bound, now bound to release”

He recently became a facilitator-in-training in the Dancing Freedom movement meditation practice, and presently leads these transformative rituals online, now that face-to-face contact is not presently available for many of us forced into isolation and lockdown. To find out about upcoming events, and to enter into dynamic dialogue with Dr Gary and other like-minded souls interested in this practice, “like” the newly developing Facebook community Dancing Freedom with Gary Wohlman:

Beyond being a Dancing Freedom facilitator, as a holistic wellness practitioner and healing artist, Dr Gary has created a unique form of “Transformational Body Therapy”, practicing and teaching his multi-sensory “Wohlman Method for the Whole Person” over 5 decades. In these sessions, he guides people on a multi-sensory journey through layers of their consciousness by speaking in affirmations in rhyme, like the celebrated children’s writer Dr Seuss, and re-sets the inner self-talk while stretching corresponding muscles and awakening new patterns of breathing, thinking, speaking and moving at the same time. Since the pandemic has shifted the ways we are able to reach and connect with one another, Dr Gary has been developing offerings online to provide visceral coaching and counselling without having to be in the same room or even in the same part of the world. To view his online offerings, visit:

As a performing artist, he has specialised and developed the character of Sharaad La Charade, court jester. In this capacity, he provides improvisational storytelling where audiences participate in his living legends by enacting the characters in the scripts he is weaving. He developed a program for the “Artist in the Schools” whilst living in Hawaii, where he traveled throughout the islands sharing folktales with children in engaging and interactive ways. He developed a Living Legend himself honouring the bringing together of the worlds of the East and West during the heyday of Perestroika, where he travelled throughout the Soviet Union as part of a Global Peace tour and shared his inspiring story of a world based on shared values of cooperation, harmony and inter-connectedness. These days, along with his work with children, he uses this jester persona to awaken creativity, spontaneity and authenticity with developing speakers, presenters, entrepreneurs, performing artists and developing leaders.

As a communication artist, Dr Gary’s focus has been as a body-centred presentation coach. In this capacity, his one-on-one coaching and interactive signature speech /keynote presentation and workshop “Speaking from the Heart, Transforming your message with your BODY & VOICE”, has assisted thousands to enhance the engagement, impact and effectiveness of their live presentations, and to bring their message out into the world as they’ve dreamed possible.

His soul’s devotion is to awaken creativity, full self-expression and to assist fellow humans to take a stand for our lives – through our body, our chief instrument and sacred temple of communication.

For more information on his transformational practices, and to explore ways he can assist you in “fuel~filling” your divine human destiny, visit: or

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