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Our challenge: We’re craving depth

March 26, 2019

Your Unique Spiritual Path.

Our challenge: We’re craving depth By Renée McDonald

Published in the November 2018 issue of Luminous Wisdom: SOPHIA by Sibella Publications (

The movie ‘A Star Is Born’ is speaking to our collective psyche spiritually. The signature tune of Shallow, that has Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga singing together, is asking how connected are we really and how can we have depth again?

As both humans and spiritually connected beings, we are craving this connection, though it is often shallow in our digital connections on social media, in the news, in politics and general life. Our facades have seemingly grown larger and we appear as a collective to have lost sight of what depth means in our interactions.

Why would I speak to that here? I’m finding that it’s essential to connect to you in the ways I struggle too.

As a child and now as a practitioner, I’ve been an endless observer of human behaviour and I see more and more people connecting over the ‘ether’ that is the internet and social media.

I’ve seen through the eyes of others with the work of my therapeutic and coaching practice that social media is causing psychic harm to us. Yet, we often can’t see it – we’re blind to it – until it’s often too late and the damage is caused.

I’ve been hurt by friends, family and colleagues in social media and I’m sure I’ve hurt some people too.

We need to be aware of our impact on others. When are we going to admit that we make mistakes?

How do we ensure that we don’t become social media trolls or keyboard warriors ourselves?

How can we ensure we always speak for the highest good?

Thankfully, along the way I’ve come across some fantastic human beings and spiritual people that are aiming to change this habit and human problem for the better.

Though it requires us all to call out people for damaging behaviour and forgiveness of our fellow humans for often not knowing how they impact on others.

When we have Tinder for dating – to find someone we connect with in JUST ONE SWIPE and it’s being taken up in droves – that’s when we know our fellow humans may need some help with depth of connection.

Over the past few years, I’ve been creating courses for practitioners to connect in a deeper way when working online, in order to more deeply connect to their clients.

Some of this work came about from connecting spiritually to my divine essence and tapping into my spiritual potential in action and the purpose of what I’m here for. If you’d like to know more about my courses, I love to connect to others deeply on the spiritual path.

When it comes to deeply connecting to our loved ones, we need to come back to listening intently, and making the time for friends and family and our lives won’t be so shallow.

We can’t turn to the internet or social media for depth. So life is a fine balance in these new age and challenging times!

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