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Vision Boards

July 1, 2022

If you’re struggling with setting goals for yourself, your relationship, or your business, a vision board can help.

What is a vision board?
A vision board is either a collage, or poster, that includes a pictorial of all that you want in your life, work and relationships.

It helps you conjure up where you’re headed and visually what your goals are. Whilst a business plan is super important, if you don’t have your personal goals met, then the business plan can be utterly meaningless.

Vision boards can work for personal, business or relationship manifestation and future success.

Davis (2021) suggests it’s a different way to set goals by allowing your dreams and ideal goals to manifest through using imagery.

Vision boards help us see ourselves in a new future, or a new life picture. Vision boards can be a way of setting a real intention towards a brighter potential and manifesting a beautiful new life.

Vision boards can assist you in your therapy or coaching.

Contact me today and I can assist you with putting together your own personal vision board.

Davis, T. (2021). What is a vision board and why make one? Need a more creative way to think through your goals? Vision boards may help. Psychology Today. Retrieved from

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