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A retreat with movement, music & meditation – break free!

May 13, 2019

When going to a yoga class today, I got to pondering how I love to move – and how good it is for everyone – and how much the world needs to move! We need it for our freedom, for releasing and we need it to reconnect with each other again! In the Indigenous communities around the world, each and everyone one had dance ceremonies and connectedness through movement. Where has our collective movement and dance gone?

Growing up, I was involved in dancing, whether that was ballet, modern dance, contemporary, jazz ballet, tap, or international character. I went on to teacher’s certificates and became a dance teacher as a teenager and young adult. I still love to dance and love taking part in my local women’s gym with Zumba classes.

As well, I participated in figure ice skating competitions that utilised my capacity to dance, choreograph and really tapped into the feeling of freedom, that I love to bring in – to the retreats that I facilitate. I was lucky and privileged enough to do all of this as a young person!

So – I’ve had a huge amount of experience moving my body in fun and enlivening ways!

I didn’t realise at the time growing up – that this movement would save my life! And – I don’t say that lightly either!

Bessel van der Kolk, Stephen Porges, Emilie Conrad and Babette Rothschild all have researched the importance of movement as healing for the body, mind, spirit and heart after trauma. Many things have happened to me and my body, though it has been movement I’ve been able to come back to every time that has helped me heal from pain, challenges and trauma.

Beyond my movement experiences, I joined the school choir for my high school years and was super privileged to learn to sing with a beautiful singing teacher. So, after the loss of a close colleague about five years ago, I found the healing of sound, chanting and song again. With music and movement, these are two truly healing forces – as the latest trauma research suggests.

I’m excited, as my first international retreat will be this year in November in Samoa and I’m also ecstatic – as it’s all about breaking free!

This year, 2019, is the year of the Indigenous language, so I have called my retreat Break free: Tatala Saoloto. Tatala Saoloto is ‘break free’ in the local Samoan language. Some researchers discuss the never-ending human internal pendulum that swings between freedom and responsibility. If you’re on a retreat – you definitely want freedom not responsibility – so I create the movement space to break free!

As for me, I don’t offer services that I haven’t experienced. I have happily taken part in many retreats and provided retreats for Heart & Soul Movement – my retreats, workshop and classes project, whereby I offer a combination between sound, song, chanting, movement, dance, meditation and mindfulness. It is a truly mind-blowing, uplifting, immersive and freeing experience. I invite you to break free with me!

For more, you can check out Retreats at Resorts and book here!

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