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The boiling frog effect: To blog or not to blog, now that is the question…

March 27, 2019

Warning:  What you’re about to read may be controversial or challenge you.


There’s a sea of blogs that we’re boiling in…

For God’s sake…. When are we going to think about the big picture?

I’m very concerned that blogging is becoming the ‘boiling frog effect’ – and here I am writing one more blog too – hoping that this will make some people think!

Once you put the boiling frog into the pot, the frog is slowly boiled and the frog doesn’t know when it will die!

So when is this blogging way-of-being going to boil over?

And that, I fear, is where we are at right now – when it comes to blogging.

Traditional creative writing processes have been undermined by the proverbial blog.

Creative writers, like novelists and children’s authors, are now required to keep blogs.

This takes time away from their valuable writing that helps humanity.

So the irony is that I’m writing this blog – to challenge the blog!

We’re too busy wasting time on blogs, blogging, social media posting, writing our copy for our websites, and ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ and FOMO, for the sake of competition and grabbing some internet space.

Shouldn’t our work speak for itself?

It appears there’s too much white noise.

I’m sorry, what for?

As a writer, who loves to write poetry and short stories, I am appalled that I have to put pen to paper on topics that I may be disinterested about.

I often feel pushed to write in a formulaic way to ensure it’s best for my business….

So it seems to me that the blogging process is collapsing our connection to the deep, thoughtful writing that connects us all.

All of this time that we spend on blogs is time better spent elsewhere…. As it’s time spent away from our loved ones, and it’s time we can’t get back.

For me, writing these blogs means it’s time I’m not connecting with my loved ones or new clients.

In addition to this, time spent on computers, the internet and social media equals a whole bunch of time we can’t get back within our relationships.

Oh, that’s right – a blog can fix that!

So here’s my challenge to the almighty blog….

The sheer volume of blogs that I’ve read that are great ideas in theory – with no follow up – is astounding.

Often they are one-hit wonder blogs, with no follow through.

You can say more fool me for questioning this process and being a naysayer, well I say more fool all of us.

Socrates, the great Greek philosopher, was well known for his questioning techniques.

Many of which are still used in therapy today – like in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) – Socratic questions are still used.

This is what we need to be doing with the psychological, energetic and competitive minefield that is the internet and the blogging space.

What is needed is more thoughtful, thought provoking, critical questioning of why we do this in the first place.

Are we doing this to nab clients and be the most ‘successful’ business owner, or is it to assist humanity?

This should be the question that we can answer when we are blogging.

If we are not assisting humanity, perhaps there is no point to the blog. The human condition is frail, perplexing and fraught.

So why waste time on this?

More and more I’m seeing blogs that may just write to a topic, with no point at all.

Or, worse – they are written by practitioners with little to no experience in the field and there’s no filtering to their personal sharing.

And their personal sharing is good, right? Hmmmm…..

The world has changed dramatically – when I started my private practice business, I just needed my yellow pages ad and to meet a few practitioners and I was on my way to gaining clients.

Now it’s who can take up more space on the internet and social media…. Arrrrghhhhh!

It’s a jungle out there!

In a blog, written by another writer, that may be a really personal matter…. Often I wonder, ‘I hope that person has received some good therapy about that particular personal issue’, because if not, they may be a wounded healer out in the world that has not thought of healing themselves.

Healer, heal thyself first.

I heal myself and I will continue to do so.

I encourage others to maintain their own counselling despite the challenges and time constraints of modern life.

So we have succumbed to this blog devotion… hook, line and sinker.

What I can’t believe … is that nobody questions the reasons for doing anything anymore.

It’s a good thing to question authority.

Some in authority don’t have a clue – you just have to look at the twitter posts that are being posted by a particular world leader.

Though he gets noticed, doesn’t he? Because he thinks differently.

Hang on a minute – thinking differently for different sake isn’t always a good thing – should we blindly follow the person who’s different because they ‘appear to be a leader’.

Stephen Fry talks here about why many people might believe what leaders might say, even if they’re unqualified.

We are starved of time in modern life, and there is white noise throughout the world of the interweb and social media …. So the interweb has caught us all – just like a spider web.

So this leads to a lack of quality and reflexive leadership.

Cardboard cookie cut-out blog approaches producing cult-like tribe followings, means that there’s too much unoriginal thought in websites, blogs and social media tribe groups….

Not many people are pausing to have some time out to really stop and think….

And this really doesn’t suit the individual clients or customers that we aim to serve.

Where is the service for the end user, the consumer, in the devotion to the almighty blog?

The condescending tone of community leaders across the social media and internet landscape – where their tribe and cult following listen to such leaders with baited breath –  is very concerning to me and all adds to this boiling frog.

When can somebody stand up and say – this is NOT NORMAL!

Well, I’m saying it now. I think we will kick ourselves when we look back on this time in history in the future.

After all, hindsight is 20/20.

Just 10 years ago, somebody would have shaken us all … and suggested to every business owner who wastes their precious time on blogging that they were as mad as a cut snake.

This blogging is producing more madness across humanity!

The overwhelming sea of competition is not normal either.

And across a landscape of blogs, I’m often unimpressed – as there’s not a great deal that hasn’t been said.  And I’m saying it – it’s ended up becoming… ho hum…. Boring!

Marketers are suggesting people only have 2-3 seconds on average on a website… we have the concentration of less than a goldfish?

Well something’s going wrong there!

Preparing your blog with the right wording, correct copy – for the best Google analytics, Facebook, or other Social Medium algorithms, SEO or internet status – defeats the purpose of any kind of creative writing in the first place.

And this way of writing lacks integrity, credibility and creativity!

Oh, and then the next stop must be – making a sales funnel… or should that be the funnel web… where we all get funnelled in to become believers in the new-found leader.

And we’ll have to ‘buy a set of steak knives’ with that.

The e-book, or free help sheet to me has become like a set of steak knives that you give away for free on an infomercial?

You think I’m kidding?

Well now, people aren’t watching as much TV, the advertisers know it and they’re nabbing us on Facebook, Instagram, managing us by click bait and so on….

To write is to connect with an audience – not just your business, or your niche market, or target audience.

To write is to talk to the world.

We shouldn’t be just writing to our tribe, that’s ingenuine. We write to connect.

Somehow there’s a disconnect in the blog and the modern website, and yet, we keep blindly following the blind.

I’m here to suggest we need to stop being sheep.

It’s rather interesting that I am a Capricorn – the star sign of the goat – and I have been a goat all of my life.

I haven’t wanted to follow trends ‘just because it seems like the right thing to do’, instead I critically analyse and have a considered, measured approach, rather than selling my wares with ‘do you want fries with that?’

So, then…. what is it that we’re doing this all for?

Has anyone stopped to ask this question?

The problem is we’re all headed for disaster if we’ve forgotten that we’re serving clients, or our consumers to start with, rather than focusing on gaining more clients for the future.

Do we ever check in about this?

Is this our new state of madness?

So I’ll keep asking questions – as nobody seems to have the answers. Often these questions and other Socratic questions can help and assist us to think differently – to ensure we are really doing something in the best interest for our life.

There are too many ‘must dos’ to be in business, in any industry in these modern times.

My proposal is be yourself and if you want to blog – go for it…. Though if you don’t want to, or can’t, don’t worry. Find another way.

Let’s be more creative about connecting – and with our relationship to blogs.

Let’s think of other less formulaic ways to connect.

One day the over-emphasised blog will one day die… like the boiling frog that it is.

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